Lenovo Device Intelligence

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Produsent Lenovo
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    • Single pane of glass to monitor your fleet of devices
    • Hardware monitoring of storage, battery, drivers
    • Proactive predictions of future hardware issues using artificial intelligence - prevent issues before they happen
    • Advanced system crash (""Blue screen of death"") analytics to pinpoint problematic devices and drivers
    • Identify applications installed on your devices that impact experience and performance
    Enterprise IT Managers live in a world where they are forced to react to their users' issues after their productivity has already been impacted. This interaction is inherently negative and stressful for all involved. Lenovo Device Intelligence (LDI) changes this dynamic by allowing IT Admins to be proactive in their ability to support their users through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques that can monitor on-device trends and forecast a hardware or OS/software issue that may occur.

    As an IT Manager or Analyst, you now have additional tools in your toolkit that enable you to be more proactive in resolving device health issues before they negatively impact employee experience.

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